Becky Aberra

Student and poet in Oslo, Norway

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About me

I am Young Poet that loves to share my Art. Writing is my passion, not only that I write poetries I love writing motivational quotes. I love poetries. I start writing a poem at a young age. Uplifting and making people see their inner beauty is my goal. I am nothing but love. spread love, share the love I have and just Love purely and without any intention. I like being open minded and think positively most of my time because we only live once and I don’t want to take this life for granted.

Some people might take me as a "trying to be a good person" or "I pretend to be like one" but I honestly I am trying to be a better person and try to help others to see the beauty they have inside. I am the kind of person that learns from my mistakes and past. Most importantly is that what people think of me doesn't define me.

Since I write I like seeing my life as a poem. I try to understand life and just enjoy how I will enjoy a good poem. As you read one poem it's all your after you are done reading then it's up to you. How you will understand it. You will either take it as time waste poem or you will take it as an Art so beautiful and colourful. Even if it takes a little time to truly understand the piece poetry. So I believe our life is how we see it and understand it's either a living hell or an Art where we appreciate the beauty around us. Until we truly understand what is happening around us.

As I share every piece of my poetries I want you to know it's yours and use it as a tool in reality. While reading I want you to be wholehearted and full of love. try to read it with your heart and meditate while reading. Take every piece of my Art to your heart. Let us grow together, mentally, spiritually and physically.