Becky Hoyle

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

I am driven by many things, some creative, some clever, some moving, and all inspirational to me.

I love music, especially traditional English and Celtic, playing along and jigging around.

I love passion, edginess, challenge, and spent my formative years rebelling against just about everything, from conventional behaviour to dull thinking to polished shoes.

I love clever technical advances, creative thinking, the psychology of selling and being sold to; I love inspirational advertising, cutting edge design, breathtaking architecture, shining water, soft breezes.

I love food (too much) and drink (ditto), beautifully-crafted real ales, exciting rich wines, Swiss milk chocolate, falling-apart meat, and artisan cheeses.

I love laughing. And crying. For the right reasons.

I love the buzz of a mid-afternoon beer outside a festival marquee, waiting for the band to come on, knowing I have the rest of the weekend ahead.

I love art, archaeology, choral music, really clever lyrics, lions, old churches, air-dried Spanish ham; I love dogs, birds, Christmas lights, high heels, African sunsets, sharp-flavoured crisps, soft leather, 'diddly-diddly' music and lemons.

Mostly, I love my smart, inspirational, patient, brave boyfriend.

That's all about me.