Becky Swan

Vancouver Canada

I am a driven and determined athletic therapist and weekend warrior. I have been facinated with the human body, how it works, breaks and heals for as long as I can remember. I am forever looking to understand people and their bodies in a deeper more in tuned matter. I push h my knowledge by better understanding what I put my own body through in my athletic pursuits. I feel no one is too young, too old, too healthy, too unhealthy, too able bodied or lacking of full abilities to strive for their own body to be at its best.

I work as the Athletic Therapist for the local police department while developing my own business, Activfit Sports Therapy, on the side.

I have been lucky to have worked with the Canadian Womans National Soccer teams since 2007 with either the senior or the U20 teams. The experience, both in work and life, traveling with these teams is invaluable and I try not to take any trip with them for granted. My addiction to learning and figuring out the human body has led me to taking courses in Active Release Technique, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Graston Technique and various fascial techniques.

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  • Education
    • B.H.K, B.A.H.Sc, CAT(C), C.S.C.S.
    • UBC Hkin 2004
    • Sheridan College 2007