Begin Fitness

Melbourne Victoria Australia

Begin Fitness has been in the forefront of sport and fitness education for more than twenty years. Today this Registered Training Organisation is one of Victoria’s leading fitness educational institutions and has a national reputation for excellence in vocational and professional education within the fitness industry. Our lecturers are all experts in their respective fields. The majority of our lecturers have at least five years of university education.

Begin Fitness team provides the highest quality of training for people wishing to become qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers. Our exceptionally high client/student satisfaction levels reflect the fact that all our lecturers and staff takes pride in each student’s education. Our team is committed to this philosophy:

Active promotion of health & fitness in the community, in schools, on the sporting field and in the work place.

Strive to improve the individual’s physical condition and wellbeing through a healthy lifestyle

Focus on enhancing physical and mental performance in all areas

Provide effective educational and information programs to enhance health, fitness and wellbeing in the community.

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