Belal El-Atari

CEO of Buffalo Wing Factory, President of Buffalo Wing Factory, and Restaurateur in Charlottesville, Virginia

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Belal El-Atari is the CEO of Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub. He currently heads 4 locations in the state of Virginia. As a child, Belal vividly remembers admiring his fathers amazing work ethic growing up. He remembers watching his father work long days and late nights to support his family. His mother’s full time job was raising the family, as his father never wanted his children to have to attend daycare or have a babysitter, firmly believing his number one investment was his family.

The Buffalo Wing Factory was the high school hot spot and Belal El-Atari eagerly started working there when he was 15 years old. As an employee growing up, Belal would think of new and innovative ways to improve the business, always telling himself if he ever owned the business he would run it differently. In 1997, the former owners of Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub expressed interest to sell the restaurant and approached Belal’s father who took them up on their offer. From that moment on he was apart of the family business. Belal El-Atari did it all at the Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub, working his way from position to position in the company ultimately becoming CEO of the restaurants 4 locations in Virginia.

Outside of the restaurant-world, Belal is passionate about food, golf, and aviation. You can check out one of his blogs for more info.

Belal El-Atari is also passionate about charity. He's seen first hand how hard many families work just to give their chance at a better life. Given the right ingredients of hard-work, support, and luck, Belal has been able to achieve much. That's one of the reasons he's willing to give back so much. Belal is actively involved in Virginia's Make-a-Wish chapter. He's donated funds, food, and has even hosted Make-A-Wish events at his restaurants.