belal ghoneim

Egypttravelcc Egypt is a Rigistered as a Local Egyptian Tour Operator established in 2010 by belal bhgat ghoneim who is a licensed Tour Operator according we are oldest family at pyramids area from bhgat ghoneim the oldest tour guide the first tour guide start from 1930 then our generation continue our target more than 100 years ago for our services tour at Egypt then belal bhgat ghoneim He has been worked as a Tour Operator for three different Tour Companies in Egypt for almost7 years started by Moon River Tours for 5 years then Golden era trvel chines branches The Travel Company of Egypt for 4 years and ended by Misr travel company the oldest company at Egypt and middle East countries we are one hand at Egypt by family ghoneim and Bhgat ghoneim family we are always first at Egypt. Later he become belal bhgat ghoneim have a licensed and syndicated tour guide with the Tourism Ministry in Egypt and a member of the WFTGA (World Federation of Tour Guides Association).Then in 2009 he decided to establish his own Travel agency that takes his nick name Egypttravelcc .