The Beleza Group

We are not your typical branding company that are chasing down promoters/event planners for the next event as we aren't bookers. What we will do is partner with them to make sure your brand is represented as you do events in venues outside of corporate ones. We choose the ones that showcase your craft with the most respect, press releases and flyers that represent a diverse crowd in which sponsors won't have a problem putting sponsorship funds into, and riders that won't be an issue to accommodate. Anybody can pay a DJ for a Friday night gig, but will they remember them 4 months down the road for an Entrepreneur Conference After Party. Will they remember the Culinary Experience enough to sponsor them for major award shows? Will they remember them enough to ask them to audition for Master of The Mix? How about to be a spokesperson for a major non-profit organization? It takes time, persistence, dedication to your craft, and a team that's working for you 247 and that's what we do from marketing, media pitches, social media, turn-key branding, to endorsements. We seek to help you continue building your legacy from where it is now and beyond. For a full media kit please contact us for a proposal so we can continue building upon your legacy!