Belinda Tuki

Auckland, New Zealand.

The Honest Food Company collection will change your life and the community

This is the vision of The Honest Food Company.

And it's core value, Life changing. It's a biggie.

Think about it, you don't or can't eat gluten, wheat is off the menu, grains in general just don't work well with your body's make-up, and dairy just makes your tummy turn. Then you find out about The Honest Food Company. LIFE CHANGING. You can now enjoy grain and dairy free protein snacks, goodies and can make delicious protein smoothies using our Free Range Egg White Protein Powder. BONUS!

I think that's pretty life changing, don't you?

So what about the community, how does it change the lives of a community?

This part of the story of why I created this business hasn't been published before. Purely because I was more of the "it will come later, first I have to sell, sell, sell!" But I've finally come to my senses, after having some honest conversations with some amazing business women, who asked. Why the heck aren't you sharing your complete vision? This should be out there!

So here it is!

The purpose and mission of The Honest Food Company, apart from providing the perfect grain and dairy free solution for you, is to help provide a community for women who are returning to the workforce after time out being amazing mums, and who want to get back into it, but may not have the experience or confidence to nail down a job that inspires and motivates them. The Honest Food Company will provide a job, more than a job, a chance to be part of a caring team, handcrafting with love, delicious protein snacks and goodies for you, while learning new skills, feeling a part of something bigger, of something that will fuel that fire inside to give them the foundation to pursue a position that is perfect for them. We will be like a 'bridge job opportunity", a paid work experience, and that my friend, is what I am working toward.

The Honest Food Company. Profit with a Purpose.

Please keep checking back, as the plan to make this a reality is already being set in motion, with the love and support of some amazing people. I would love for you to be one of them.

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