Belinda Neal

I love my TV, but it’s not that often a show really grabs my attention that I turn into a true fan. There was something about the brother’s chemistry that pulled me in like a magnet, and I’ve never looked back. Their little chats in the Impala or sitting having a meal break. My love for this show has never wavered and has taken me to places I never thought possible. I lurked on IMDb for two years before feeling brave enough to venture into the world of internet posting. It scared me to death. I have found my niche over there, and posters respect me for my thought provoking threads that get them thinking and responding. It challenges me to think up topics, and to take charge of them when the need arises. I also run The Sam Squad (and assistant in the Bi-bro Squad) which I love and am honoured that I am its captain.

During this time a friend had noticed my talent, and suggested I start up my own blog. She saw something in me and looking back knew that she was right. Some fans find it hard to put pen to paper, but as time went by I found the bug for blogging and since October 2013 it’s grown from strength to strength and have posted over 500 posts. My stats are healthy three years on. During this time another friend approached me as she had an idea. We talked at length about it and mentioned to me that she liked the work on my blog. I was of course flattered! She suggested that we set up a blog where we invited other posters to come and talk about the show. We set the seed in motion, and Supernaturally Devoted was born December 2012. Many posts were created, edited and published with love, care and attention. We formed a close bond with each other, and with our writing team. Sadly last month came the news that my friend asked with my permission if we could close the blog down, due to real life commitments. I agreed and SPN Devoted no longer operates. I was concerned for our authors wondering what they would do with their time. I approached one poster who suggested she came onto my blog and start penning for me. Since then I have invited around 35 new authors and 18 of whom have accepted. ‘Sam and Dean Brothers in Arms’ is now working at full strength and capacity. I am so proud of its journey, viewing statistics and my team. They each bring something unique into this kingdom and each have their own style. It’s wonderful to watch each of them grow. Some are professional writers, and others have never written an article before.

This blog is t