Skriver Pappas

1) Find good quality books to bury yourself in.

2) Ther...

So youre revealed! Congratulations! Now if youre like most writers you might be asking yourself, now what? There are so many ways to market your self, so many in fact its often hard to understand which you must chose. Now without stepping into all of your choices, lets take a look at some basic things you may do to surround your-self with enough knowledge and professionals so you never have to wonder: Im revealed, now what?

1) Find some good books to hide yourself in.

2) There are a lot of advertising alternatives and if youre unsure what type to selected heres a tip: if it seems to great to be accurate it probably is. Steer clear of hype since hype seldom takes care of. Request references, talk to other authors.

3) You'll find a lot of information on the web if youre prepared to do some research. To learn additional information, please consider glancing at: Whether youre looking for promotional some ideas or people-to help you market your book you should definitely Google them first and see what you can find.

4) Find some-one you trust to talk you through the process. Whether you employ someone or met someone in your writing group, find someone you can bounce some ideas off of who knows a and knows present book advertising developments.

5) Dont are now living in a vacuum. Escape and meet other published authors. Going To possibly provides lessons you can tell your brother. Go-to authors conventions, have a look at your local PMA entries (Publishers Marketing Association) and con-sider joining them on a national-level. Also SPAN (Small Press Association of North America) is still another firm to join. These two sites offer a regular publication with tips, articles, and advice columns.

6) Do some online marketing via book and writing marketing boards, here are a number of for you to get started with:




Ind-E-Pubs covers e-books

POD marketers

7) Sign up to some great publishing newsletters, theres a lot of information out there and a