Master Tim Bell

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello, My name is Master Tim Bell, I live, work and play in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia...Canada's Ocean Playground!

I'm the proud owner, instructor and coach of Bell's Taekwondo, Bell's Kettlebell's Concepts and The OKC Halifax Kettlebell Sport Club. Halifax's premier Martial Arts, Character Development, and Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Center.

I'm also a 6th Dan WTF & ITA Blalckbelt, a 3rd class International Referee and a certfified level 1 Agatsu Kettlebell & Joint Mobility & Movement Instructor and Level 1 IKSFA & Level 1 & 2 OKC Kettlebell Sport Coach and Kettlebell Sport Competitor.

On May of 2012 I competed at the IKFSA Canadian Kettlebell Championships, winning Gold in the 90 kg / 16 kg Long Cycle with 87 reps and Gold in the Snatch with 188 reps, this also gave me an IKFSA number one ranking in the 90 kg / 16 kg weight class.

Click HERE for the video.

On April 20, 2013 I competed at the Agatsu Canadian Kettlebell Championships, winning Gold in the 90 kg / 24 kg Biathlon with 69 reps in the Jerk and 120 reps in the Snatch, this also gave me a number one ranking in the 90 kg / 24 kg weight class.

Snatch video HERE

Jerk video HERE

On May 23, 2013 I completed 185 snatches with a 24kg Kettlebell in 10 minutes, this was 25 above the minimum of 160 to reach the IKSFA ranking of CMS (Candidate Master of Sport) in the 82kg / 24kg weight class.

My Kettlebell Sport goals for 2016 are...

To compete in the 85kg / 28 kg Snatch and achieve a MS ranking (Master of Sport)

My ultimate desire is to help as many people as I can achieve their goals, in Martial Arts, Competition, Fitness, Health and in Life.

“We've all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our lives is our gift back” – Edo.

  • Work
    • Bell's Taekwondo Ltd
  • Education
    • WTF & ITA 6th Dan Blackbelt Master Instructor
    • WTF 3rd Class International Referee