Ben Abaidoo

Athens, Georgia

That's pronounced Uh-bay-doo.

A Canadaian-native (Saskatoon), I came over to Kennesaw where I eventually went to North Cobb High School. I major in Applied Biotechnology, hoping to think through and uncover new possibilities with this emerging science.

I love the thinkers. They make stuff happen. Whether a huge technological revolution, or an awesome funny movie concept, they keep the rest of us thinking ourselves.

The things I enjoy tend to follow this theme. Like Inception, a movie you can't watch without being deeply involved in thought. And a lot of the music I love involves lyricists who's music invokes feeling to think about.

I consider nuanced and positive thought as very important to a successful life. It's what keeps us aware and motivated to do great things.

""A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.""

- Nelson Mandela

  • Education
    • University of Georgia