Benj Dag

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines

I am Benj. Benj comes from Benjamin and my second name is Joseph. Those names were taken from the Bible, The youngest and the favored one, Benjamin, and Joseph, the brother who was brought by God into Egypt to save people from the 7 years of famine.

I'm currently taking up Library and Information Science in the University of the Philippines - Diliman. On my gradwaiting (graduation waiting) year. I was a Computer Science major before shifting to LIS because I just really am not good with math.

I am a coder, hacker or whatever you like to call that, perhaps a geek. I am no expert in any language because I try to learn them on-the-fly and when the need comes. This is why I hate frameworks or programming languages with poor documentation. I'm trying to learn up .Net using C#

I can grasp the workings of technology in a short time I spend with it. But still need to read the documentation and manual to fully understand how it works.

I am a guy that need to mentored. Much of things I know I either learned from people who mentored me or self-learned through reading manuals and documents.

  • Education
    • University of the Philippines - Diliman
    • Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao Campus