Benjamin McMillan

Software Engineer in Atlanta, Georgia

Ask me about working at QGenda

NB: QGenda is hiring Sr Developers for .NET. Use the button above to inquire about the role.

I am a full-stack software developer with more than 11 years of experience in designing and developing applications intended for the web, desktop, and mobile platforms. I am proficient with Linux systems, especially on the server-side, as well as Windows.

With many years of experience as an entrepreneur, CTO, and UX designer, I have worn many hats, working solo or on a team. Furthermore, I often communicate directly with clients, users, and non-technical team members.

I have spent most of my career specializing in UI design and usability for business applications, but lately have been involved in more-consumer facing mobile and web applications.

Most of my recent experience has been with the LAMP stack, however I have now returned to working in .NET for QGenda. In my spare time I hope to expand my grasp of big-data and machine learning techniques, especially within the autonomous automotive sector.

I am a movie junkie, lover of sweets and fruity drinks, fan of Taylor Swift, dad to Caramel (Beagle mix) and Citrus (Orange Tabby).

#PHP #Cordova #AngularJS #Linux #DotNet #Arduino

  • Work
    • QGenda & Trio Custom Clothiers
  • Education
    • Georgia Institute of Technology