Benjamin Moles

Charing Cross

My name is Benjamin Moles.

I have a very strong passion for Technology and Development.

I have now founded a company called Powerline Technology. This is focusing and based on Technology and also Development.

I realised that I could do something around what I love doing back in October 2012, where I started a previous YouTube channel, this one was a personal one - uploading technology tutorials. As I saw the views going up, I thought to myself 'Why don't I start up a group of people that love doing the same thing?' - So that is what I done, I spent hours and hours on Twitter, YouTube etc. First, it was the website ( - I posted a few bits on there. Then I moved on to YouTube, where I created the YouTube name Powerline Technology UK. I didn't really do much when I had the website - just as a hobby, but when the website views and interactions went up, that was in December 2012 when I decided the YouTube channel can follow, and from there on I have a 5 person team, who all love technology, and they were similar to me; they wanted to do something around Technology. Today, we now have a registered domain and email addresses, just to give it that personal touch and a 5 person strong team!

We specialize in bringing viewers/readers the most exclusive and informative technology news. Powerline Technology UK was founded in late December 2012. Now, we have got a brand new improved website and loads of other things. We also do technology reviews, unboxings, tutorials and more on YouTube.

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