Benjamin Munson

Phoenix Arizona United States

We live and work in a technology driven era where the next innovation has already happened. Learning new skills and staying ahead of these developments is key to finding solutions in this rapidly evolving work environment. Knowing how to integrate them effectively and responsibly for the best outcome is crucial. This means constantly challenging myself to live a well-rounded life both personally and professionally. Living a healthy lifestyle where my personal endeavors fuel my professional development. I have learned many skills working and enjoying hobbies in related fields such as photography, graphics design and video production. Technology will always be a large part of my personal and professional life.I am a highly experienced professional with a broad range of skills with over fifteen years of experience in presentation technology and video production. I have been known to bring a unique perspective to challenges that seemed impossible and I often feel that my work speaks for itself.

  • Work
    • Media Specialist
  • Education
    • Harding University