benjamin burde


11 years i developed a network of STEM centered Schools in Germany. Part of my work - as a General Manager of a Not for Profit Organisation - was the work with Students from the Network. Especially to refine given and develop new forms to find new opportunites by the occupational orientation.

I left the Organisation i worked for a long and successful time. Today i am a Consultant. I develop Strategies or Projects with or for Schools and Organisations like Foundations. And I work as a Core Energetic Therapist and Psychotherapeutic counsellor. And to be honest: I still love to give Workshops for Students or do individual work, to support and connect them to the power and truth they carry inside. When the aim is clear, they find the path. And nothing else has to be done.

I am interested in Psychotherapy - especially body and energy work - Education, Methods, Strategies and in supporting the change that´s in the air.

  • Work
    • Therapist - Consultant