Benjamin Godfre

At age twenty-four, Benjamin Godfre has quickly established a reputation for being one of the worlds leading male models. Having already worked with some of our worlds best photographers, from Tom Cullis to Carl Proctor, Michael A. Downs, and most recently Rick Day, Godfre has traveled a path that is uniquely his own: transforming himself from California skateboarder to reigning male modeling icon.

Godfre began working professionally as a model when, at age ten, he began taking acting lessons and going on open calls. Soon after, he booked campaigns for major companies such as Sears and Target among others. While in his teen years, he booked both print and television campaigns. At eighteen, he refined and polished his skills with photographer Robert Guttke. Today, he credits Guttke with teaching him the fundamentals of fine art modeling.

Perhaps the several years that he spent working in tandem with photographer Tom Cullis that perhaps best-established Godfre’s work. Together they produced many indelible campaigns for Timoteo underwear, creating images that brought a new vitality to and set a new standard of excellence in commercial fashion photography.

Benjamin Godfre now lives in Orange Count. From his base of operation, Godfre has recently transformed himself into a pioneer of new media. With his innovative website and his wide-ranging, creatively inter-locking internet platform, including Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook accounts, Godfre has built an ever-enlarging army of fans, who seek his opinions and await his advice on everything from exercise and fashion, to the best that new music and media have to offer.

Godfre has biult his own multi-media platform and has positioned himself as an innovator, an artist, a philanthropist and a visionary businessman. When asked of his future goals, Godfre stated:

“I have a passion for art and for working with the best photographers and models in the industry. I love the travel involved in the work as well, seeing new places and meeting friends and fans all over the world. I want to be a part of the industry throughout the whole of my life. I want to be able to use the images I create to send a message of possibility into the world. To this end, I am studying hard, and working around the clock, seeking how I can successfully fuse business with passion in order to create a new form of art.”