Benjamin Lim K M


"Work hard, play equally hard."
- Benjamin Lim

My passion in all things digital began at the age of 12 with the Super Nintendo. Since then, my dream was to develop my own video game. I built my first PC when I was 15 and realised my game making dream 4 years later; a 3D exploration game named "Traverse" during my diploma studies. I then pursued a career in digital media, started investing and completed my business degree.

Outside of my digital strategy career, I continue my passion for video games, technology, photography and the latest economic and investment news. Being a Leo, I love the sun, football, rollerblading, mountain biking and a gym workout. But nothing beats a carefree, tranquil evening with my wonderful wife Szeling in our cosy modern minimalistic home-to-be.

  • Work
    • WW Analytics Services Team Lead
  • Education
    • BSc. Business with Communications
    • Diploma in Multimedia Software Engineering