Benjamin Singer

Consultant and Musician in New York

In any work I do, I strive to be invested in the final product. I want to care.

As important to as what gets done, is how it is done. In any endeavor I put great importance on the process.

In my personal life, I have written and performed music, prose, and comedy, which have educated me on the creative process. This contrasts well with my background in engineering where I've honed technical skills such as statically optimization. I’m a blend somewhere in the middle of creative and analytical.

I love dealing with people. The human element is at the center of any business conducted, and I have a deep interest in discovering what motivates, comforts, and spurs people to action. I have a background in a plethora of people facing roles, though which I have grown love for the one-on-one interaction.

  • Education
    • Lehigh University