Ben McGreen

Managing Director in Adelaide, Australia

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Hi, I’m Ben. I’m the Managing Director at FLOORChef Australia PTY LTD.

I am currently living in Adelaide, Australia.

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A little bit about me..

I have grown up in the flooring industry, with my family operating a flooring business for over 50 years.

I Completed a cert IV in floor finishings and starting my first business at the age of 18. I now have 15+ years of experience in the flooring industry ranging from sales and install experience in polished concrete, decorative and protective resin flooring, concrete grinding, floor prep, carpet and vinyl in all types of environments from government, residential, retail and commercial.

I believe I have always gone out of my way to get the best outcomes for my clients and I love to contribute towards their dream home, business or investment.

Over the years I have transformed from being a flooring applicator/installer into the Managing Director of FLOORChef Australia PTY LTD.

I have had the same vision throughout my journey, which is to make people feel great as a result of my actions and consistently offer the same service and results Australia wide. This vision guided me into launching FLOORChef Australia and its unique point of difference to other flooring companies.

A little about FLOORChef Australia..

At FLOORChef we are all about making people feel great starting from the floors they walk on.

We have a belief that ​retail​ ​stores should have floors that are unique, meaningful, warm and individually personalised that stand out, connects to their brand and individual identity.

We believe the floor in a retail space creates an emotional connection with the customers experience in the store. It connects them to the heart and soul of the business which leaves them feeling great.

The​ ​floor​ ​is​ ​the​ ​biggest​ ​blank​ ​canvas​ ​and​ ​biggest​ ​opportunity​ ​to​ ​reflect the​ ​brands​ ​individual identity, look​ ​and​ ​feel.

This connection can be a vital component in other environments such as homes, schools, child care, hospitals, shopping centres and retail stores.

We have Trained and Certified FLOORChef Contractors Australia wide.

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