Benny George

Cochin, Kerala, India

The Master Mind behind Success Unlimited and a passionate Educator to individuals and Corporates in discovering their potential and motivating to excel. He equates the elements like skills, strategies and goal setting to achieve success.

Having known for his expertise in Soft skill training, Persoanlity development sessions, Sales motivation and Corporate lessons, he has been a leader and mentor to many professionals as well as the top level management. He has had the opportunity to work for anumber of companies within Kerala and outside, empowering them and gaining satisfaction thereof.

Apart from being a Trainer, Mentor and a Coach, Benny George is an effective Business Strategist, upon whom many rely and depend for goal setting, strategy building and enhancing systems. Needless to say, he is a good communicator and an analyst, both of the qualities that narrates the story behind his success.

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