Beno Dresch

Software Engineer in Waldbronn, Deutschland

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I work since 14 years developing software using different technologies, like .net C#, Borland C++, PHP, HTML + CSS3 and MVC and I learned how to managed projects using the agile method SCRUM and to introduce it to the company, moving from waterfall model to agile method. Not at all, I managed projects using the waterfall model in Brazil.

Born in Brazil, I had the chance to work and live in Germany, where I could improve my experience and learn so many lovely people. Actually living in Karlsruhe and working here, I'm always prepared to learn something new.

In all these years a discovered the photography as a hobby and use it now to represent what I see and to catch the light. Some of my best photos can be seen here:

At last but not least, I love my wife and my son.. they are my family and love them above everything.

  • Work
    • Agilent Technologies
  • Education
    • Instituto Superior Tupy - IST
    • Escola Técnica Tupy