Ben Posluszny

Beginning with the study of ReiKi in 1995 to assist with the birth of his God daughter, Ben has spent more than half his life studying the movement and healing traditions of East Asia. The Practice of Yoga, Tai Chi and a variety of martial arts eventually led to the Study of Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2004 Ben graduated from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA where he received his certification as an acupressure massage therapist with a specialization in traditional Asian therapies.

Ben's practice of therapeutic acupressure massage utilizes a combination of techniques and styles that vary depending on the needs of each individual. It is centered around the art of Tui Na, a Chinese form of massage that uses joint manipulation (rotation) and acupressure to open the whole body while targeting areas of difficulty. Tui Na has its roots in the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Gong and is especially suited to addressing movement and stress related disorders, problems with the shoulders and joints, trauma recovery and pain management.

Tui Na does not use oil or lotion and people are encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Ben also practices a form of Acupressure Oil massage. For more information go to

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