Ben Read

My name is Ben Read. I am a Youth Pastor who currently is serving 6th-12th grade students and their families at West Gate Baptist Church in Trenton, IL, a town of about 2,700 people.

I am the son of a Pastor who is currently serving in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, in Lake Zurich, IL. I am the youngest of 5 kids, all of whom have gone into Ministry.

This past summer, I married my beautiful wife Sarah, who grew up in Rhode Island, who I met while we both attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

I have a great passion for Youth Ministry and doing it the best way possible. I love students, and I love the adults who want to work with them. I have had this passion since I was 15 years old and a Youth Pastor took me under his wing and mentored me in a way that I can never thank him for. My prayer is that just like my mentor, I would train up future Faith Leaders who would change the world.