Ben Schapira

Fort Lauderdale


I want to achieve Joy, Health, Wealth, Cunningness because those are really important things that will set my life in the right direction.
Arriving to the point of becoming close to be straightforward, polite, Meticulous, intelligent, equilibrated and just, is a good thing that I’ve already achieved, or I think I did.
By the time being my mottos are live and let live and Tempus Fugit.
Everything is important but In my life the most important ones are freedom, No burdens on my back, knowledge, culture, languages, friends, a good family.
Surely you can expect friendship, generosity, soul nobility, good advisory, Calmness and of course the most important thing that is that you will get Help when you need it, all the things that I have written above served with A little temper. I want people to think of myself as someone that is a: Perfect, lawful and reliable person, helpful in every situation if called even if I'm not somebody you can step on for your own purposes. I’ve not Revealed yet the meaning of existence but I suppose that the purpose of Almost all things in my life or in the existence is to enjoy life so Carpe Diem !

One of the things that defines me is that I like reading because it can teleport me into undiscovered worlds in which I can live neverending stories. I think that you may conduct yourself as you please as long as you do not invade my personal space, because I really try to interfere with anybody if I don’t have to. I strive to be rich, important, a good person, successful, generous and to have no regrets.

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • Middle School
    • Finishing High School
    • Various Small Jobs