Ben Tait

Student in Chester, United Kingdom

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Photography is my life. I am constantly looking for ways to frame pictures, line up long range shots and work out how to manipulate the natural or artificial lighting to suit the theme.

Examples of my work can be found on Flickr.

I love the beauty of the natural world, and I want to share this beauty with as many people as possible. The natural world is in serious danger from globalization and the ever-changing face of Climate Change.

Already, hundreds of unique species are in serious danger of extinction from the loss of their natural habitats or poaching. I hope to bring the beauty of these amazing creatures to the public eye and spread the message that we need to look after our environment.

The famous photographer Nick Brandt has become a powerful inspiration for my work recently, and I love this amazing quote:

"I'm not interested in creating work that is simply documentary or filled with action and drama, which has been the norm in the photography of animals in the wild.

What I am interested in is showing the animals simply in the state of Being. In the state of Being before they are no longer are. Before, in the wild at least, they cease to exist. This world is under terrible threat, all of it caused by us.

To me, every creature, human or nonhuman, has an equal right to live, and this feeling, this belief that every animal and I are equal, affects me every time I frame an animal in my camera.

The photos are my elegy to these beautiful creatures, to this wrenchingly beautiful world that is steadily, tragically vanishing before our eyes"
- photographer Nick Brandt

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