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Bensalah Benyamin

Student, Teacher, and Writer in Wilaya d'Alger, Algérie

Hey you!
How are you?
I say AlHamdulillah all time;
"Make limonade if Allah gives lime".

So, let me introduce myself:
Once Inshallah, I want to be on your shelf;
Since I try to be a pocket poet and writer,
My name makes the whole world brighter:

My proper name is Benyamin,
You can't pronounce it like Jasmin;
Since Benjamin is an other name,
Belonging to a fairly different fame:

I did nothing like my uncle Franklin,
I've nothing to do with Bradly's engine;
An ordinary citizen, I'm not even meant,
Since I belong to more than one continent.

I was born in the Algerian Muslim sand,
Then, grown up in Hungary's green land.
My old friends named me the joker Benya,
That became online the sad but fun Eskemo.

For Islam, I've got beard and scrub,
I gotta be a philolover language bug.
Returning my homeland, I started polyglotting:
Arabic, English, French, Hungarian and keep going...

I graduated in Teaching English Linguistics,
My students love me without beating sticks.
I can just hope my puns hit more than my rhymes,
I'm still single, but only one girl hold my lines.

More than twenty witty years of Earthism,
My fortune fooled the laws of Murphy's.
Like coming from the blue, apathetic;
I've been walking on the gloom, my path is epic.

Overall my karma's rather up than down,
For that, I'm thanking Allah until now.
If you still don't know who I am,
Why don't you check my fb, blog and instagram?

Benyamin Bensalah

/poet, writer, linguist, English Teacher/
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