Bernadette Mae Tividad

Sherman Oaks CA

I'm a down-to-earth young professional who's passionate about the arts, pop culture, and modern technology. Music inspires most of my creative work and is a major influence in my life. Innately curious with a child-like sense of wonder, I find inspiration even in the most unusual places. Lastly, I challenge myself everyday to maintain a good balance on everything.

I have a plethora of interests, but after taking some time to explore my options, I finally decided the new media space is where I want to establish my career in. I have a deep appreciation for things that combine beauty and function. Therefore, I always strive to create something that makes for a great experience and overall value. Given the chance, I love to collaborate with like-minded individuals on turning visions into something real. And speaking of human interactions, I truly enjoy connecting with people, learning and being inspired by their stories.

Sometimes, when I start talking about myself, my thoughts and what not, I tend to get carried away. So, this is where I pause and pretend there's a sheet of paper waiting for me to rescue it from emptiness... Feel free to tell me a witty joke as I always appreciate a good laugh. Tell me your favorite band, or if you like Star Wars more than Star Trek... Or simply say hello!