Bernado Montecillo

Consultant and Small Business Owner in Singapore

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In January 2008, as someone who love to try-out stuff and a risk-taker(get in trouble ever since young for loving to test system in school work play), Bernado ventured into the online business world. An experience he will never forget, he created many mini-projects that some, just go ‘BLOOP!’ After discovering some stuffs and a from a Book he read, he realised he has been opportunity-hopping for the past months, or years.
(Going from one opportunity to the other and in the end never gain anything in return)

Ever since that, it was a mistake he learnt.

2010, he ventured into another online business deal with Tissa Godavirtane, an affiliate marketer.

Bernado had a talk with a Don Pierce who is into this Affiliate Marketing business and he learnt a lot from there.

However, he left 6 months later to focus on his own agenda.

Currently , he is an Affiliate with friends that are the best or top gurus in the dating/relationship niche.

Spending copious amount of time researching the best products, advices, tips, seminars etc and The experience he had in his dating life mix in together, he launched

He is also involved and awed into thbe persuasion books associated to businesses., part of Charisma Lifestyle Connections Project:
Art Of Socialising, How To Attract Women, and of course How To Be Attractive.

Coming Soon:

"With a diverse and impressive array of merchandises that appeals to variousl segments of the buying public and discounts rates off retail prices being offered to consumers, PanacheCharisma will excite consistent online shoppers making one want to shop more without breaking their bank! Especially fashion followers and working professionals who can now indulge in popular fashion brands or even the best of international designer labels at unbelievable prices!"