Daniel Bernal

Tucson, Arizona

Daniel Bernal is a cyclist, an avid traveler, a soccer coach, and an aspiring author. He’s surfed down a volcano in Nicaragua, meditated for two weeks in a New Mexican monastery, and spent more time than he would have liked in a hospital in Peru.

He first imagined SCION OF JUDAK as an undergraduate student at Grove City College, one of the coldest places in the country with some of the warmest people in the world. He then moved to Miami where he taught English to Haitian high school students as a Teach for America Corps member during the day and spent his nights recovering through working on his novel. After another stint of traveling, some long hours working at coffee shops and libraries, and hundreds of hours of his friends listening to him talk about imaginary people and their problems, he finished a readable draft. Then he cut out 80,000 words and wrote ten more drafts.

Prior to leaving on his summer sojourn, Daniel sent out query letters to fifteen different agents to solicit representation for his novel and eagerly awaits news of at least fourteen rejections. Over the trip he hopes to add to the list of people already excited about his book which includes his mother, his grandmother, and at least one person who doesn’t share his last name.

In the fall, Daniel will return to his hometown of Tucson, Arizona and begin his doctorate, which he thinks will be exactly as scary as it sounds, in Rhetoric, Composition, & the Teaching of English at the University of Arizona.

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    • Phd Candidate
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    • Univesity of Arizona