Bernarda Barbaric

Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia

Bernarda is a psychologist at Clinical hospital Merkur, Zagreb, Croatia (B.A. and M.A. in psychology). She is also co owner of Medijan, company for statistics outsourcing services, and works as an associate at University of Zagreb. Bernarda is currently in her 3rd year in course in Integrative psychotherapy (4 year training program). She has 2 years experience on Child helpline and had participated in organization of 13th Brain Awareness Week.

She is also author or co-author of few researches:

- "Awareness and Parental Attitudes Towards Children Vaccination" presented on 22nd Annual conference of Croatia Psychologists

- "Where psychotherapy meets neuroscience” presented on Student Congress of Neuroscience

- "Nomophobia - 21st century phobia" presented on conference Current Trends in Psychology

She has also worked as a teaching fellow on two subjects: Inferential statistics and The theory of psychological tests.

Furthermore, she attended various lectures and workshops (e.g. Electronic violence - how to protect children; Psychotherapy in the treatment of eating disorders: gestalt and transactional analysis; Sexually abused children - first interview and support; Gender, sex and sexuality: risk behaviors - myths and reality; Dealing with parents' divorce)

  • Education
    • B.A. and M.A. in Psychology