Medlin Murray

Some fruits that are common in the rest of the entire world are quickly becoming the apple of numerous Americans' eyes.

For instance, one of the hottest new fresh fruit discoveries is acai, evident AH-sci-EE. It's the deep purple fresh fruit of a palm tree that folks in Brazil have already been eating for years and years. The ABC news program 'Hello America' involved acai juice on its list, 'Then vs. Identify further on an affiliated article by going to raspberry ketone pills. Now: Another Big Issues for 2006.'

Acai posseses an amazing taste some identify as a mixture between blueberries and red grapes. While whole the acai berry can't be acquired in the Usa because they are too fragile for delivery, their juice is available nationwide.

Beneficial Benefits

The wild acai berry and its liquid have a high concentration of antioxidants that help keep our bodies healthy. Anti-oxidants are substances within plants that defend us by neutralizing free radicals, which can harm the body and result in poor health.

Our bodies naturally produce free radicals, but environmental factors such as cigarettes, air-pollution and stress can boost the body's free radical count further. To discover additional info, please consider checking out: acai berry capsules. These highly reactive chemicals can harm healthier body tissue and have been linked to changes that can lead to pre-mature aging and even cancer, heart problems and stroke. Antioxidants tidy up free radicals and help prevent them from doing harm.

Many elements in fruits and veggies act as anti-oxidants. That's just one reason why eating a variety of fruits and vegetables each day is an crucial section of a healthy lifestyle. Acai particularly includes vitamins A, D and E along with over 50 other types of antioxidants, including anthocyanin-the strong antioxidant also present in red wine and blueberries.

An organization called Bossa Nova makes a line of pure acai juices made with wild gathered acai berries and lightly sweetened with organic agave nectar, a natural sweetener. The organization committed five-years to researching ways to increase the total antioxidant value of acai juice before delivering its products available on the market. Visit acai berries to