Geeta Beshra


“I’m the perfect version of me”, but is still just another Homo sapiens. Like many others, struggling with my own life has created a multi personality within me.

Starting with my childhood, I’d a simple life. Being in a conservative Indian family, I remained cocooned. I was good in studies and used to get a lot of compliments for that. There was something within me, which always kept me quiet. At that tender age, I was still a matured girl. And when I hit my teen age, I was all together a different girl. I opened up to people. An Ambivert I was. Well, I’d crossed through a typical dramatic teen. It was all about friends and fun. Sooner or later, I realized that nothing lasts forever. And anyways, somewhere back in teens I left the best part of myself. I was a sportive girl, loved playing anything and everything. I even used to dance and sing. Sometimes, I want the time to roll back.

But, no. I want to dodge off my past where I’d committed lots of mistakes. I don’t regret my mistakes, but learn from it. Eventually, I became an independent girl. I love my flaws. I love being myself.

“Trustworthy. Loyal. Passionate. Dangerous. Fun. Mysterious. Independent. Playful. Emotional. Social. Fearless. ”

I’m ambitious enough not to count on my bad chapters and start writing some new and inspiring memories for my life.

I love meeting new people, playing, spending time in nature, romance, getting busy with crafts, volunteering social events and activities and ICE CREAM!

I hate gossiping, watching TV series, shopping and fighting with my Mom. ♥

  • Work
    • Talk Bhubaneswar
  • Education
    • Delhi Public School, Damanjodi
    • International Institute of Information Technology