Ioulia Bespalova

Tempe, AZ

Hello! This is Ioulia (that's Ioulia with a capital i, not a lowercase L)! I'm starting my second year as a PhD student in the lab of Jennifer Fewell, at ASU's Social Insect Research Group. Our lab works on a variety of projects concerning ant behavior: patterns in antennation networks, the evolution of cooperative founding, colony growth, division of labor, and social scaling.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need advice related to grad school, ants, how humans are like ants, how humans are not like ants, or challenging social constructs.

Continued success,



Wesener, Thomas, Bespalova, Ioulia & Sierwald, Petra. (2010) Madagascar's living giants: discovery of five new species of endemic giant pill - millipedes from Madagascar (Diplopoda: Sphaerotheriida: Arthrosphaeridae: Zoosphaerium). African Invertebrates 51 (1): 133-161.

  • Education
    • Arizona State University (PhD in Animal Behavior, in progress)
    • Mount Holyoke College (BA in Biology)