A.D.M. the Best Band from Earth


A-pop-o-lyptic in nature ADM BBFE are cornerstones in the Fair Trade and DIY Galaxial Communities. So you always get what you pay for. The manufacturing of cds is cheap so BBFE feel inclined to sell them to you cheap. They also point out that most mp3s are freely handed out and shared with friends thru places like SC,FB,TW or other social networks. The Problem is ADM insist he must do the mixes himself for all cd or mp3′s(We THink he is going deaf!yikes!) . But The BBFE would like to Ensure their Fans around the universe that their Vinyl Records forever will be ReCORDED MIXED and MASTERED by the finest Earthling Professionals. After all we are ADM Best Band From Earth, and we got a whole Multi-Verse against us. ‡ Listen to these songs at http://soundcloud.com/bestbandfromearth/sets ←, support your fellow musician martian↑!↑