Beth Stauffer

Beth's story began as a little girl growing up in the farmlands of Northern Indiana, surrounded by a family that was filled with love and laughter. After attending college for two years and feeling unsure about her future, Beth left school to enter into a new business venture. Within two years, she was the owner of one of the most successful mortgage loan marketing, processing and closing services in Indiana.

During these years, Beth felt as if she wore a mask to cover the pain that she felt inside; to the outside world she was happy and successful, but on the inside she felt the dreams she once had for her life slipping away a little faster each day.

In 2006, Beth's life began to change in new and exciting ways when she welcomed her son Alex to the world. As she learned about herself through her relationship with her son, Beth began to evaluate the authenticity of her life, which in turn led to a life changing renewal of the most important relationship in Beth's life: the relationship that she has with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As a direct result of her renewed relationship with Jesus Christ, Beth returned to school and obtained her a degree in Early Childhood Education. She wanted to use her God given talents to work with young children, planting the seeds of love in their hearts for Jesus, while ministering to their parents who might be facing similar struggles that she has faced as a young adult.

Beth began demonstrating arts and crafts for preschool teachers and talking about the joy in her heart that comes from teaching on the weekends, and that diversion has blossomed into a very busy schedule of appearances both in and outside of the field of education and across several states in the Midwest. As a writer, Beth is currently a featured writer for the website, Many of her stories also appear in the local newspaper, The West Bend News.

Beth believes that her story reveals the goodness of God's grace that is available to us all through the sacrifice that was made on the cross by His son, Jesus Christ. Most of all, Beth hopes that her story will inspire and encourage others to believe that it is never too late to be transformed by the amazing power of God's healing love, just as it is never too late to begin using your own God given gifts for the glory of God.