Bethany A. Riebock, MA, CCC-SLP

American English Accent Coach and Speech-Language Pathologist in Chicago, Illinois

My goal as an accent modification and communication trainer is to bring together people from different backgrounds to better understand each other, improve their quality of life, and promote appreciation of diversity.

I’ve invested in studying other languages for both business and leisure (to name a few: Arabic, Hindi-Urdu, Spanish, Japanese, Polish,…and more!). I appreciate the many challenges and frustrations that you face while trying to speak your mind, no matter if that’s on the street or at the office.

How about an example of when my accent complicated my communication?

I was in Istanbul and wanted to buy a ticket. The conductor was confused about whether I wanted to go to Karaköy or Kadiköy. After a moment of frustration and not realizing that there was another place that sounded very similar to where I was trying to go, I was able to identify the correct destination by making the correct speech sounds after closely observing the conductor’s pronunciation.

I earned my master’s degree at Northwestern University‘s top-ranked program in speech-language pathology. I’m a certificate-holder of the Compton P-ESL accent modification method. Additionally, I’ve earned and maintain myCertificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. My undergraduate degree in anthropology, with a focus in linguistics, further reflects my passion for language and culture.

Although other coaches without a speech pathology background may become certified in accent modification (examples: teacher, actor, nurse), my knowledge base and experience as a speech-language pathologist provides the foundation for superior instruction to help you reach your goals!

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