Beth Schmitz

Austin, Tx Usa

As a consultant, I am enthralled by the puzzles that can often stymie organizations for days, weeks and months. I am the fresh eyes and ears to help you look at a problem (a puzzle) from new angles. You may wonder why you never saw that piece laying on the table. It was there all the time, mixed in with all the other sky-blue pieces. I just have a different perspective to see it with fresh eyes. Let me show you how to distinguish different shades of sky-blue, too.

I make sure my clients understand what we have done during my visit and can replicate our achievements before I leave. My method is particularly useful across layers of Management. In businesses, the top management ‘C-Suite’ uses one vocabulary with one set of requirements that seem counter-intuitive to those they manage. I have been up and down this ladder and can translate accordingly.

Over more than 30 years I worked a lot of puzzles at all stages of development in a variety of organizations. Consider the advantages of a consultant with experiences spanning biochemistry, software engineering, hardware development, entrepreneurial start-ups, manufacturing operations, retail small business creation, web development, and overseas manufacturing. There just might be a puzzle piece I can find on your puzzle table.

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