Beth Scalet

Long-time performer of music from many genres (delta and chicago-style blues, folk, pop, old-style country) and respected songwriter, Beth "walks it like she talks it," in the words of one critic. In 1981 she came to the realization that chasing the dream of signing a contract with a major record was not going to bring money or fame, and that instead would make her give up a lot of artistic control and some -- if not most -- of her publishing rights. She didn't think the trade-off was worth it. She decided to start her own independent label, Wakarusa Records, with the support of a private donor. The result was "It's A Living . . .", one of the earliest completely independent, artist-owned records to enter the marketplace. Since then she has recorded 4 more CDs, has been actively involved in the production of a new CD of songs written by Beth and collaborator Kathryn Lorenzen. In 2008 Beth was recognized for induction into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame, which boasts a very select membership, including Melissa Ethridge, Martina McBride, Pat Metheny, among others. After a long career on the road (from Washington, DC to Washington state) Beth is no longer performing actively due to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) several years ago. However, she is still writing songs with Kathryn and one or two others, and she sometimes shows up at local open mikes to sing, play, listen, or blow some smokin' harp. She loves to travel, and with her partner has most recently visited Australia, the Greek Isles, Spain, Morocco, and the Mexican Riviera, although MS sometimes makes long trips difficult. She has many other interests too -- writing (nonfiction and music reviews, mostly), proofreading, trying to learn how her recording equipment works. If you want to hear (or even purchase) my music, check out