Beth Zimmerman

Beth Zimmerman

I'm a (seriously imperfect) follower of Jesus. After 35+ years of marriage, my husband and I recently separated. I'm still hoping and praying that we can find our way back to each other. I'm a step-mom times 3. I'm a mom to one 25-year-old that wants to be a missionary. I'm Oma (grandmother) to 6+. I'm daughter, sister, friend, etc.

I have struggled with weight issues for most of my adult life and currently find myself needing to lose 200+ pounds. My doctors recently told me that I need both knees replaced (arthritis) but they will not do it until I have lost at least 100 pounds. After trying to lose the weight on my own ... I finally accepted the recommendation of several doctors and had weight loss surgery on February 10, 2015.

Who I am as a Blogger:

People have always told me that I write well and really should write a book. Somehow the idea of a book scares me. (Maybe someday.) But shorter blog posts ... those are easy! And they feed this creative hunger that I didn't realize my spirit even had until I started blogging!

I just started a new blog to document my journey through new territory and to encourage others to believe that they too can find joy even in the darkest valleys and find hope waiting on the other side! You can find my blog located at Everything Made New.