Betsy Flood

Bend, OR

I like to live. And think. And be. I think it's impossible to always be fully content and in the now, but that we should try. It is possible to find the most joy possible in each moment and to love, love, love yourself and others; always.

Espirit Frais is a reflection of how I go about finding happiness in the day to day. I am an Iowa native now living in Bend, OR. I'm a foodie, hipster, free-spirit, nature loving, French obsessed WEIRDO. It's important to me to find ways to make the things I am passionate about become my life and way of making ends meet. At the moment I am relentlessly pursuing a career in professional running for the most amazing company, Oiselle. I'm really into health, God, relationships, picnics, music, bike rides, and living. I aspire to own pet chickens and a vegetable garden.

Everyone's life is a different version of being awesome. I hope that through this blog I can inspire others to find their personal best version of being awesome and provide some influence and coersion along the way.

  • Work
    • Professional Runner at Oiselle and Student