Pontes De Oliveira

Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Fine Art Photography and Digital Painting in Johannesburg, South Africa

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I was born in Angola, reside in South Africa and have Portuguese citizenship.

I am the sole founder of BuyByCountry startup - the merchant arm of the web. BuyByCountry is about authenticity and ease of use.

How did I get here?

I studied grades 10 and 11 in three months, wrote an exam and started college at the age of 15. At 20 years of age I was writing my thesis about "Mineral Waters" for Mining and "Piling Foundations" for Civil. A year later I was employed as a Civil Engineer at the Benguela Department of Public Works and taught a Grade 9 Maths day class and nightly Grade 9 Maths classes to adults - all older than I.

Forty years ago I was in a refugee camp in Namibia, fleeing the Angolan war. Fifty-one days later I was out of the refugee camp and working, as probably the first female Quantity Surveyor in Johannesburg, for one of the biggest construction companies in South Africa. That was my first networking from a refugee camp and I made it happen.

In the early 90's I discovered computers and was hooked. Bought myself a computer with a modem and amber letters. Learnt DOS, loved Lotus 1,2,3 and soon was paying my phone accounts online through Beltel. I craved for more and in 1994 I enrolled for a Computer Science course at the University of South Africa and completed 18 modules out of 30, as our newly formed Construction Company needed my full attention. Completed the Website Design course though and was buying online from Amazon in 1997.

I co-wrote a novel "My midnight" available from Amazon and I'm writing my autobiography called "Next addiction please..." My current addiction is work.

I am a doer. I look at every angle, I read, I study, I research and analyze and then I break the rules. I see opportunities everywhere.

I persevere and I do not give up until you stop and pay attention.

The best thing I have done in the last few years was to start using my Smart Phone as a phone and not as a time-wasting toy.

Since then, in just over two years I have resumed reading, learn new things every day and I have launched the BuyByCountry prototype website and created traction on social media.

My favourite things are excel, conditioner and pockets.

My favourite sentence is "It's now safe to remove your hardware"

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