Nikki Elijah

onedia nation, southwold

Hi. My names Nicole Kelly Elijah and my Indian is Tek^wit, it means I stir the ashes. I live in a little settlement called Oneida, it's just outside of Lambeth. I'm native American and I'm wolf clan. I live in my Mom's house with my brother, I also have four sister, and three brothers. my one sisiter an brother are from my dad's side though. I have a dog named pheonix, and I go to school at log school A.K.A Tsi Nikwaliho:t^, but I also do Amos Key Jr online schooling to.

I love playing lacrosse. it's so much fun, because you get to travel here and there to play againt other teams. It's my favorite sport.

I also like drawing and painting. The stuff I draw or paint is stuff I picture in my head or dream about. I like photographing stuff and editing them. It's really fun to do. In the future if I could I'd like to become a movie editer or illustrator.

I like playing videogames on my PS3 like grand theft auto or any of the call of duty's. I have a few favorite shows I watch Grey's Anatomy, the walking dead, the X factor, buckwild and music or MTV shows to.

I like baking cakes, cookies, anything it's so much fun, because you can decorate them and of course eat them. I of course can cook to.

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