Bhaskar Thakur

Bhaskar Thakur

I am an Entrepreneur and a Growth Hacker. I help product teams and startups in customer acquisition and scaling with quick marketing experiments, action focused analytics and product iterations.

I have founded/ co-founded 4 ventures in Internet and Mobile space. I have played various roles in the three startups including General Management, Marketing and Sales, Product Management, Building and Growing Teams. I really enjoyed wearing multiple hats and performing these functions however, Strategy and Growth (Product and Customer)is my forte and my key contribution to all ventures.

My 16 years experience spans Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, Consumer internet, Product Management, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Evangelism, and Distribution Channel Development.

I advise startups on Strategy and Growth and am a mentor and coach with a number of organisations like DigitalVidya, CIIE- IIM Ahmedabad, The Power of Ideas etc. and blog at

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