Bianca Delmonde

Amsterdam, Netherlands

On December 21, 1991 in Amsterdam, Bianca Delmonde was born! Who? Well, me. :-) While studying at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam I decided that it would be practical to set up my company. I was learning a lot about management, thus it would offer me a chance to learn even more. So I talked with Femke to see if she knew a few people who could help me, and she knew a few. Then I needed some people to do the real work and Katja and Lisa volunteered. This all makes life for managers real easy. :-)

And yes, that’s my job. In this team, I have two votes while the others only have one. Then again, I came up with the starting capital and provide the office space for our team. (Actually, we just live together in a house with 4 bedrooms and a few other rooms, which I have inherited.) My job is generally deciding the main course for our team. Determining what is important, assigning priorities and generally be a pretty face for the whole team when Femke is not around.

While we don’t call it a relationship, I am seeing a slightly older, bearded guy regularly. But you don’t want to know about that, do you? All I’m saying is that I’m not single.

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