bianca mendiola

I'm a Filipina working student and I'm on my final year in the University. I'm an avid fan of fairy tales no matter how unimaginable they seem to be.

I have dreamt a thousand dreams and I have envisioned a million goals. One of the most important ones that i cherish is to see my mom and dad enjoying their retirement years in comfort, and my two dear brothers savoring their own success as well. One way or another, I want to pay back to my parents all the love and encouragement they have showered me with.

I did not grow up in a Gossip Girl fashion--enjoying high-end clothes and daily coffees in Starbucks. I grew up with my eyes open to the fact that life in a middle-class family is not as alluring as lives of Hollywood celebrities. In contrast to a rich kid's dilemma of which LV bag to buy, I spend my free time thinking what part-time job I could get to grope my way through college. But, I never lose hope. I believe that I keep getting stronger as I survive every boulder that blocks my way.

I still believe in happy endings, only now I know that happy endings are just as happy as what you want and strive them to be. ♥