Brigitte Djajasasmita

Genève Suisse

I started my career in IT by coding programs in Assembler/370 on punched cards. Today, I am fascinated by social networks and how new technologies are transforming our society.

In between these two extremes, I have held various positions such as:
- IT Project Manager
- System Administrator on IBM iSeries (AS/400)
- IT Operations Manager (banking environment)
- Adult trainer
- Chief Information Systems Officer (CISO)
- Business Conitnuity and Crisis Manager
- Digital Content and Community Manager

My Personal Qualities:
- Dynamic, flexible, able to adapt availability according to needs
- Proven ability to adapt to change, always open to attend new trainings
- Interest to discover new technologies (and fast learner)
- Good pedagogical skills
- Client and solution oriented
- Independent, but also a good team player
- High organizational and planning skills
- Proficient in both French and English (bilingual)

My Goals:
- Use my current know-how and skills to help others and the company I work for
- Never lose an opportunity to learn something new

My Hobbies: Photography, Travel and Mountaineering