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bibliotastic was born in July 2010. My parents gave a lot of thought about what to call me but all the ideas they could come up with had already been registered, usually by cybersquatters. So in the end they went with bibliotastic which one of my authors thought sounded like a Latin American disc jockey. Initially my Dad looked on oDesk for a developer who knew Drupal who could help with my formation. Bizarrely the only Drupal developers oDesk seemed to have in London were both from Nepal. One of them actually only knew WordPress and the other didn't seem to know either WordPress or Drupal. So my Dad taught himself enough Drupal to get me through junior school. I started high school in November 2010, publishing a few authors each week. And in February 2011 I had my graduation party which even got mentioned in the local press. So now I'm really looking forward to getting out into the real world, engaging with authors, breaking down the barriers of publishing and having some fun.