Laarni Biez Wood Pasus

Cebu City, Philippines

I grew up in Sogod Southern Leyte. Only girl except from my mom. I have 2 brothers. Bouz my big bro and Louies my little bro. We live in bario called "Malopao" but know as Baranggay San Isidro. We have dog and a cat. Black labrador "Bob" and a white cat "Sasuke". They are best friends. Unbelivable aight? HAHA. And yeahh, our parents mama yow and popcy. Mama yow is a techer and Popcy is a retired seaman (sakit nadaw iya tuhod :D) We love them both so much.

December 4 1992 | In love with Jeres Bon Picson my best enemy. Were dating for almost 3 years and 3 months (12-13-10).

I love playing instruments. Guitar | Xylophone | un petit peu | Piano | Bas G. Member of the family know how to play the guitar. Mama yow and popcy is plucking style when it comes of guitar. Pretty amazing right? :)

  • Education
    • University of San Jose-Recoletos